The case for pauses in prayers

So, today I was thinking about how to make my prayers more sincere. In my church, in theory, we don’t recite pre-defined prayers, we say what comes from our hearts. However, I often find myself repeating many phrases that I’ve used thousands of times, and if you asked me 5 minutes after I prayed what I said in my prayer, I probably couldn’t tell you more than a few generalities.

So, how can I make them more sincere? One thought that came to mind today is the importance of getting the speed/pace right. I often say a prayer without slowing down enough to even catch my breath. If I slowed down more, and included at least one significant pause, I think it would help tremendously. It would give me a chance to think about what I’m saying, what I want to say, and what God wants to say to me.

I’m going to try adding at least one significant pause to every prayer I offer and see what effect it has.


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