So, when a coworker described the futuristic Eatsa experience to me, I knew I had to give it a shot. It was not a disappointment. I’m not the only one who thinks this is pretty awesome. The Yelp reviews tend to agree with me as well. The future is most definitely now. 

No interaction with people necessary 

You can order on an iPad or download the phone on your app. I decided to give the iPad a try first. I swiped my card, picked my bowl, and then put my email address in so they could send a receipt. Then I looked up at a big screen that shows the name of everyone who has ordered, and my location in the queue. After about 2 minutes, my name was highlighted and it put a cubby number by my name. 2 taps on the glass door with my name on it, and the food appeared. It was like magic! 

So, why not talk to people?

Of course people are working in the kitchen, and I generally like interacting with people, but this way I could interact with my friend while waiting for food instead of the person being paid to talk to me. Likewise, I’m guessing the people in the back don’t mind talking to each other instead of a new person every 2 minutes. 

Mostly it just feels like magic 

So, it isn’t magic, but it feels cool, and automated. And it’s healthy and cheap. I’ll definitely be back!


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