Product Review: Wunderlist

It’s been a couple years since I’ve tried to use software to manage my to do lists. ¬†I’ve been using paper-based systems for awhile. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered¬†Wunderlist and how awesome it is.


  • Free (there is a pro version geared towards businesses)
  • Smooth interface
  • Seamless integration and sync between web app and iPhone app
  • Easy to share lists with others
  • Due dates, reminders, are easy to customize.
  • Organization of lists. You can make separate lists, make folders of lists, and my favorite of all:hashtags. Ive tried implementing GTD (getting things done) before, but I have a tough time with the number of lists. With hashtags I can make dozens of lists and keep them all in the same list very easily. For example, I have a work list. It’s what I should be focusing on while I’m at work. Sometimes I should focus on client work or a specific client. So, I just tag every to-do that has to do with clients with the client hashtag and a separate tag for each client name. That way I can click on client and get all my client to dos, or I can click on a name and focus on one specific client. This is awesome.
  • Recurring checklists are easy to setup.
  • There is a rewarding ding everytime you check something off. (Helps to compensate for the fact I’m not physically drawing a line through stuff, like I do with paper systems).
  • You can work on the lists offline.


  • Alerts can’t be customized as much as I’d like. If I set a reminder it gives me a pop up and an email. I can mute the alerts on a whole list, but I’d like to be able to tweak alerts a bit more.


If you are like me and haven’t tried online to do list managers in awhile, you should definitely give Wunderlist a try. It didn’t take long to learn how to use their interface. This is a great product.