Why worry?

I just heard someone say they stopped worrying years ago. What a great idea!

What is worrying? My own definition would go something like this: It is thinking about or dwelling on potential negative outcomes. Or, it is fearing something that might happen in the future.

What does worrying accomplish? Nothing

That doesn’t mean we can’t plan for and prepare for the future, but it does mean that we should stop visualizing negative outcomes. Not only does worrying make the present moment less enjoyable, the possible negative outcomes become even more likely to occur.

For example, Think of a sports team that constantly worries about how good the other team is, and how bad it would be to lose. How does that impact the outcomes?
So, as the wise Bob Marley once said, “Don’t worry ’bout a thing”. Even though every little thing may not be all right, worrying isn’t going to help us at all.